Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Art of Barsoom

Leash law enacted
Lesser Helium - The city's chief official signed into law a new ordinance requiring calot owners to leash their pets in public areas. This comes after a series of incidents where six people have died and three have been permanently disabled because of unrestrained calot attacks.
Kantos Kan, Jedwar of the Heliumatic Navy speaking on behalf of a calot attack victim's estate, said at the signing "If John Carter had not made it fashionable to have calots for pets none of this might have happened. Calots are green martian pets. They have no business in red martian households."
When this The Blade reporter questioned the Jedwar's involvement with pit banth breeding and his recent loss of revenue to the burgeoning of illegal neighborhood calot fights, he declined to answer.
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